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“I’ve been a member for 5 years. I’m impressed how helpful the people are and how easy it is to submit bills online. I couldn’t be happier with being a member. I love CHM.”

– Peggy P.
Dallas, TX
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How does cost-sharing work?

CHM is hundreds of thousands of Christians across the United States sharing each other’s medical bills. Members send monthly financial gifts to CHM’s offices and funds are placed in an audited Member Sharing Account. The monthly membership gifts are the funds used to meet members’ medical bills.

How can CHM work for me or my family?

Christian Healthcare Ministries uses a unit system. A unit is a participating individual within a membership. A single person is one unit, a married couple is two units (any two individuals must be two units), and a family is three units, regardless of the number of dependent children. Different units may participate in different programs (Gold, Silver, or Bronze).

Single-parent households: If you are legally and financially responsible for a child or children, your membership will be two units (the parent is the first unit and all children are the second unit).

Households with one participating spouse: If one spouse is a CHM member and the other spouse chooses not to be a member, the participating spouse is one CHM unit and all dependent children are an additional unit (a total of two units).

Adult children: Adult children can be a part of your membership until their 26th birthday as long as they meet all of the qualifications of membership.

Adopted children: When a CHM member adopts a child or otherwise has obtained legal custody with legal responsibility for a child’s medical care, that child can be included in your CHM membership. If any other source is responsible, willing or available to pay the child’s medical bills, these resources must be exhausted before CHM members can share bills. CHM cannot share bills for adoption expenses or for any medical expenses incurred before you become legally and financially responsible for the child, nor can we share any birth expenses for an adopted child.

How can I join today?

Complete our online application and your membership can begin immediately (some limitations may apply for pre-existing conditions).

Do you share for pre-existing conditions?

CHM has two programs to share pre-existing conditions, the Gold Schedule and the Prayer Page.

The CHM Guidelines define a pre-existing condition as any medical condition for which you experience signs, symptoms, testing or treatment before joining Christian Healthcare Ministries, regardless of whether you have received a diagnosis. (Routine or maintenance medications are considered treatment.)

For example, if you have a stent that was inserted for a heart condition, the stent is considered treatment and your heart condition is pre-existing.

A condition is no longer considered pre-existing if you have experienced one year without signs, symptoms, or treatment (including no maintenance medication) for that condition and it is documented by your official medical records. In contrast, cancer is no longer pre-existing if, after your doctor has pronounced you cancer-free or cured, you have gone five years without any signs, symptoms, testing or treatment.

Are prescriptions shared?

Christian Healthcare Ministries partners with companies that offer discounts on prescriptions. Several discount options are included in the new member Welcome Packet. There is no discount guarantee or set discount amount.

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