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Gain freedom over your healthcare options.

Choose a healthcare solution that chooses you, regardless of your health history. CHM members select one of four programs and can join at any time. Save thousands annually with membership options ranging from $90 to $257 per month.

Choose from one of the programs.
Select Gold, Silver, Bronze, or SeniorShare, and add the optional Brother’s Keeper program to protect against catastrophic medical bills. Christian Healthcare Ministries also has a group health program option for employers.
Senior Share*
Personal Responsibility
Inpatient or outpatient hospital incidents and surgery
Free access to telemedicine services
Surgery performed at facilities that meet accepted medical standards
Urgent care
Independent lab work and radiology
Physical therapy & home healthcare (up to 45 visits for each type)
Incident-related doctor’s office visits
Incident-related prescriptions
* Available to seniors age 65 and older

“Christians helping each other with their healthcare costs—it’s the better way! CHM is the best solution to combatting today’s rising medical expenses.”

– Steve Moore, Co-host of Moneywise Radio Show
Tulsa, OK
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